The Founders - left- David Alan Smith, Treasurer, Governing Board Member, centre - Alexis Mantheakis, Chairman, governing board member, right - Professor Eric John Wainwright

Co Founder Dimitra Christidou-Mantheaki, IPSACI Secretary, Governing Board member

The Senior Board Members - who we are and where we live

IPSACI was founded by three former Kenya boarding school friends, and the wife of one, after we met up years after leaving Africa and discussed how to effectively help solve the oldest and most contentious cultural issue in the world - the Return of the Parthenon Sculptures looted by an English peer 200 years ago, to their home in Athens.

IPSACI was formed as a New Zealand non-profit society in 2009 by Alexis Mantheakis, a Stanford educated writer living in Athens, David Alan Smith a writer and respected businessman from Auckland, Professor Eric John Wainwright, Cambridge educated, and a professor of James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, living in Canberra, and Dimitra Christidou-Mantheaki, an archeologist and novelist  living in Athens.

We make up the closely knit core of the IPSACI international board members that plan, organise and execute our campaign according to strategy analysis and evaluation of opportunties to advance the Parthenon reunification cause, as opportunties present themselves. Our spread-out geographical base, allows us to maximise opportunities using the latest digital technlogies and social media, and to be available at all times to the local and international media.

We welcome contacts with the public and are available to travel to lecture, attend colloquies, take part in street activities, and to be wherever we feel we can help the Greek people's campaign to recover their looted sculptures. Join us!!