In Memoriam David Alan Smith our co-founder

In Memoriam - A Decent Man.

Our last respects to David Alan Smith, devoted friend of Greece, tireless campaigner and co founder of IPSACI the International Parthenon Sculptures Action Committee of New Zealand (lived 1944-2019).

Alan, from the Prince of Wales School in Nairobi, then emigrated to Auckland where he was a successful businessman, writer and innovator.

With broken hearts we share his family's irreplaceable loss of the wonderful, caring, family minded, hard working, creative and visionary friend with whom we counted a friendship that began when we were twelve, many years ago in Rhodes House in that distant empire boarding school, the Prince of Wales (now Nairobi School) and continued until we were old men, but young at heart and had vision for new projects up to this last day of his mortal existence.

We held a memorial service with Dimitra, our IPSACI Secretary,  at our local village church at Kalyvia in Greece after hearing the news of his passing on September 30th.

May Alan's soul rest in peace as we are sure it will, surrounded by the family he created in the distant for us green and pleasant land of New Zealand he chose to make his new home.

Godspeed dear friend, and co-campaigner, we will miss you. With love, gratitude and devotion and thoughts for your grieving family and friends.

Alexis and Dimitra Mantheakis and the other Board Members and supporters of IPSACI.