Letter 4

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Dear Boris,

The Parthenon issue has been analysed, discussed, argued over, interpreted from a hundred angles ad infinitum by the two contestant sides and scores of arguments put forward by each, but it all comes down to one simple thing, and that is the essence of the issue.

We therefore ask you to ignore all the back and forth, the conferences, the discussions, the hangers on, the experts, the laymen, the uninformed, the nonegarians, the foot draggers, the officials, ministers and advisers, the Retentionists and the romantics, the injured and the culprits, the interested parties and all the hype that has kept this simple, shameful, issue going for 200 years!

The Τruth -

A Scots Toff tore off the decorative elements of the most famous ancient Greek temple for NO other reason than to decorate his own house.

No saving of the sculptures from the Greeks, no pollution concerns, no desire to share foreign heritage, no permits received for the vandalism, just plain straightforward aristo- privileged pilfering and vandalism.

Let's wind this up Boris, to the benefit of everybody. Let's let bygones be bygones and let's Shake Hands on the Parthenon! You and I.

You can do it! Do it! Win-Win. Britain, posterity  and the world will thank you.

Sincerely, Alexis M. Chairman of IPSACI